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As more cities worldwide turn their attention to healthier and more sustainable modes of living, we presented a new series of walks in Edinburgh. Curators Anna Feintuck and John Ennis collaborate with National Library Scotland, using old maps and new mapping techniques.

As part of the programme we developed a mapping timeline of Gayfield Square over the last 200 years with The National Library of Scotland. You can view these maps here:- 

View Gayfield Square Timeline Maps

walks by design

Edinburgh Walks by Design is a series of three walks each lasting about 90 minutes. The walks link some of Edinburgh’s wonderful green spaces with new creative initiatives, creating a map and mapping creativity in contemporary Edinburgh. This is an open resource made available on the Gayfield website, a route to follow whenever you wish. 

Edinburgh Walks by Design were guided and recorded as part of the Gayfield Summer 2015 programme.

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