Summer 2016

Gayfield Summer 2016 Ev1

3rd - 29th August 2016 Movement, music, performance and the visual arts combine this summer in a feast for the senses at Gayfield Creative Spaces. Our annual Making Well initiative continues with two of these collaborations: the iPad artist collective We engAGE aims to enable creativity for those living with dementia, and Kat Corbet offers interactive comedy therapy sessions through her institute for l!ghter living!™.

Summer 2016 Programme

intimations, 3rd - 7th August 2016    
Imitations Ev1jpg
‘Intimations’ is a group exhibition bringing together five alumni of Leith School of Art. Mary Mackay, Jenny Pope, James Reid, Jane Roy;and Alexandra Warren show drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture.
bart walts collective: bartholomews' waltz, 10th - 14th August 2016
Bart Waltz Collective Ev1  

The ‘Bart Waltz Collective’ explores our desire for public celebration and invites audiences to join creative workshops, dance, music and feasting in an orchestrated celebration within an immersive installation. Part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.
we engAGE, 16th – 21st August 2016
WE Engage Ev2    
Artist collective ‘We engAGE’ aim to inspire creativity through use of digital apps available on iPads. This exhibition brings together personal stories of how the Arts have helped people living with Dementia and recent outcomes from the We engAGE intergenerational project; a series of workshops aims to improve engagement and digital confidence for artists, health staff & the public. Supported by the National Lottery and the Arts Council of England.   
mushroom, 24th – 29th August 2016
Marev Ev1    
Led by Matthew Hawkins, Merav Israel and Claire Pencak, ‘In the Making’ assemblage of Scotland-based dancers and makers collaborate to develop score based choreographic performances with a different offering each day.  
l!ghten up your life!™: 3rd – 28th August 2016
Kat logo  

Artist Kat Corbet sets up her ‘institute for lighter living!™’ (ill!™). This highly interactive one-to-one comedy performance offers advice for handling all of life’s complex and seemingly insurmountable problems, no matter how big or small.