Marcus Oakley: Crunchy Pump

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16th - 26th April 2016 An exhibition of colourful paintings, drawings and cardboard objects, inspired by the potential of the line.  Marcus Oakley's exhibition of new drawings and objects explores the potential of a line across a variety of formats.  Linear and progressive or fluid and unpredictable, he investigates the infinite possibilities of hand-drawn systems without limits, manipulating the character of each line using zig-zags, curves, lightness or density.

Abstract or figurative the characters he creates are charming, definite and idiosyncratic - Oakley's inimitable use of bold colours, reminiscent of his 1970's childhood, have remained constant throughout his 20 year career as a graphic artist.  Often cited as being fascinated by the challenge of turning the creative vision inside his mind into a reality, he approaches the development of each piece of work with genuine humour and excitement.  Blending retrospective and contemporary influences to generate 3D objects in cardboard, as well as collage and paintings, the humble line once again comes under scrutiny- deceptively simple, occasionally lazy, periodically complex and sometimes scratchy but ultimately, forever entertaining.

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