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14th - 24th May 2016 A Festival of Architecture 2016 exhibition celebrating local craft skills which enrich the built environment in the five mediums of Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone and Earth.

Craft skills bring to our culture much of what is beautiful, humane and delightful in Architecture. The Craft in Architecture Project is part of Festival of Architecture 2016 and is conceived and presented by the Edinburgh Architectural Association. The intention is to show, that even in the digital age, architecture is nourished and enriched by vibrant craft traditions. This exhibition showcases thriving craft skills and production in Fife, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders.

Through five different material media: Metal, Wood, Glass, Earth and Stone, craftspeople working in the EAA chapter area have been asked to create a piece of work demonstrating the creative potential of the collaboration of Architecture and Craft. The culmination of the process is the exhibition, which displays the completed work. The pieces for display are diverse and represent the range and breadth of craft skills available in South East Scotland.

The process of making these artifacts is deeply embedded in the value we place on the carefully crafted pieces. The exhibition features filmed extracts of the working environment and craft processes related to the artefacts on display.

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Opening times:
Daily 14th - 24th May 2016, 10am - 4pm

Special Event: Talk: Rythms Through Time: Spirit of Palmyra, Saturday 14th May 2016, 2pm
On Saturday 14th May 2pm there will be a special talk by Graeme Murray and Lise Bratton of Real Wood Studios about the making of their display piece, Rhythms Through Time: Spirit of Palmyra, crafted in honour of Khaled al-Assaad, the Syrian archaeologist and Head of Anitquities for the ancient Semitic city of Palmyra in present day Homs.  He was publicly crucified and beheaded by terrorists in August 2015 for refusing to reveal the location of many of the city’s most precious architectural artifacts and artworks.


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