african routes: using art and design to reframe development

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14 January 2016 We welcomed 2016 with a talk and drinks reception in memory of architect and designer Alero Olympio. The talk was led by Renee Neblett, Director of the Kokrobitey Institute in Ghana.

Accra, the capital of Ghana is a city transformed by outside investment in recent years. With new roads, luxury apartments, boutique hotels and world class restaurants, Accra typifies the economic potential of 21st century Africa. But one only need scratch the surface to find a city and ecosystem in crisis. If we as a global community are sincere about environmental stability then perhaps we can create new models that build on the existing sustainable practice central to local traditions. 

Renee explored the role of art and design in this context and how local communities understand their environment in relation to the broader world, providing examples from the pioneering work of the Kokrobitey Institute and Design Centre.