Martin Metcalfe: Crusaders

Truth To Power Ev1

7 - 10 December 2015 Martin Metcalfe is a Scottish artist based in Edinburgh. 

Over recent years he has exhibited paintings which focused on his background in alternative music and underground culture. This has resulted in a book of his works named SCENES which is a collaboration with poet Paul Hullah and his band The Filthy Tongues. More recently Martin has moved into mixed media using his love of radical early 20th century art movements to inform his collage based work. This current exhibition ‘CRUSADERS’ attempts to provide an alternative narrative in the face of the negative portrayal of Islam presented by the corporate and state controlled media in the UK. This 'old media' still dominates the information flow despite the many alternative sources on the internet. Martin believes in these turbulent times that artists should involve themselves in the information flow by creating easily reproducable media which comments on issues ignored, side stepped and misrepresented by today's mainstream media. His work tries to convey a message through humour along with a certain element of shock.

We are sure you will find his work entertaining and thought provoking.