PacegayfieldWalks 2015: Walks by Design - Map image courtesy of the National Library of Scotland

Gayfield, typical of many nineteenth century developing districts in Edinburgh, was part of a thriving scene of light manufacturing and creative industry: imagine the sounds and smells of print works, cabinet-makers, timber yards and paper mills all visible on maps of the time.  Today, the area is home to many artisanal and design-related businesses and individuals.

Gayfield Creative Spaces itself comprised a series of venues and workshops geared to creative collaboration located in central Edinburgh in and around a former tyre depot just off Gayfield Square operating between November 2013 and January 2017.

The tyre depot was re-developed and established as a venue for exciting artist-maker and gallery initiatives: a number of new talents emerged as a result of this endeavour.  With high-quality, cross-disciplinary collaboration, Gayfield Creative Spaces aimed to:

  • explore where art and design meet health and well-being
  • highlight where creative industry enables income generation for local communities
  • provide a selling platform for emerging talent
  • support international connections for Scottish designers and makers
  • offer a focus for resource efficient design initiatives

We are very grateful to the many individuals and organisations for their collaboration in the development and running of Gayfield Creative Spaces and our creative programmes.

  • John Ennis: founder and creative director   
  • Fraser Campbell: marketing consultant
  • Mandy Brooks: contact management
  • Nina Schildshauer: projects coordinator
  • Corry Cox: projects coordinator
  • Eilidh Young: projects coordinator